Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Wedding Survey

This is a survey for all of you married folk. Fill it out & don't forget to tag other married couples on your friend list. Don't forget to tag back the person that sent it to you.

1) When was your wedding day? March 8, 2008

2) What day of the week was it? Saturday

3) Did you get married in a church? Nope we got married at Lakeside Resorts in Smithville , TN

4) How many in your wedding party? I had 4 bridesmaids, 4 groomsmen, 3 ushers, 2 flower girls, and a dog for the ring bearer!

5) Where was your reception? Same place as the wedding

6) How many guests were invited to your wedding? alittle over 100

7) How long did you wait to Tie The Knot after your proposal? 6 months (didn't want a long engagement)

8) Who did you hire as your photographer & videographer? A person Chris works with, she does photography on the side

9) Did you have a DJ or a band? DJ

10) Did your father walk you down the aisle? Of course!

11) What color were the bridesmaid dresses & groomsmen vests? Peridot (light green) really pretty :)

13) Did you have a Bridal Shower? Umm...we got together with Chris' family and friends and had kind of a couple shower, since I didn't really know anyone from his hometown.

14) What type of limo did you get? We didn't need one, since we were all staying at the resort.

15) Where did you go for your Bachelorette/Bachelor Party? Well Julie and I travelled to TN to stay with Lauren and we just had a girls weekend with a day at the spa and then the other night we went out to downtown Nashville and went line dancing. The boys went to New Orleans for the weekend and I hear they had a great time!

16) What type of wedding gown/tux did you two wear? Ivory (candle light), off the shoulder neck line, with bead work on the chest area and down the side of the dress, A-line but it was pulled to one side to make my waistline look really small (best part), and a chapel train. He wore black tux with a black vest, very simple and elegant

17) How was the weather? Well the night before we got a snow storm, but the day of was really sunny and probably in the 50's

18) Where did you go on your Honeymoon? Disney World in Orlando, FL

19) What was your favorite part of your wedding day? EVERYTHING!

20) Funniest thing I remember from the day? Finding out after the wedding that the pastor (we got at the last minute because of the storm) had never done a wedding before ours!

21) How long have you been married? We will hit the YEAR mark in 17 days!!

I'm tagging Lindsey (don't really know anyone else)

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